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Surrey – Modern Outside Space with Pizza Oven

Surrey – Modern Outside Space With Pizza Oven

Our most recent project, designed and planted by Debbie Davies Garden Design. We have taken a moment to look at the component parts of this project that made this a truly unique job with an exceptional finish. Our brief was to build a functional, modern outside space

Block Rendered Walls

These features are gaining a lot of popularity recently, we have seen a lot of request as this is an area we have really take time to ensure the best possible finish. For most jobs of this nature we have had to build out foundations and supporting walls. Once rendered we will alway screed and touch up the surface. After a quick float and sponge down we are left with a beautifully finished wall ready for priming and painting. Block Rendered walls offer us some unique design options, it is a true blessing to be able to bring depth to a garden design, Block rendered walls allow us to really shape the overall design and make huge changes to the client space.

Composite Batten Fencing

The perfect solution for clients that are looking for a modern, low maintenance solution that grant a good level of privacy without building a hard wall between neighbours. We set the uprights into the rendered walls and positioning the fence horizontally, we also used varying width slats to bring a simple yet effective design feature to the boarder walls. Composite fencing and decking are seeing a surge in popularity, they are timeless and maintain their condition for substantially longer than wooden fencing and decking options.

Bespoke Water Feature

Water features are always a beautiful addition to your outside space. We were fortune with this client, we we able to hide the feature workings and pumps away in an outbuilding that was rendered and painted to match the design of the overall garden. From a wall of offset stone work, we positioned a water fall slab to run an even sheet of water from the wall to a small pool at the back of a raised bed. Without any pipework, electrics or mechanics visible this feature smoothly blends into the overall design and function of the garden.

Pizza Oven

Pizza Ovens take a lot of time and effort to build correctly. We have arrange for most of the important components, to be pre-fabricated and delivered. We set the pizza over on a rendered surface that was topped with a piece of slate, hygienic and hardwearing and heat resistant, the prefect surface to place set the oven on. Firebricks and heat proof mortar are used to ensure there is no damage from the heat, capped with a beautifully designed dome and venting system.

This has been a brilliant project, we always enjoy working with designer like Debbie Davies, know there is an overal focus on the look and function of the space as well as clear instructions that have been clearly thought out and actioned. As well as this, working with Debbie Davies to place plants and finish the project with flora has given us a unique opportunity to leave the project completely finished, cleaned and ready to host friends and family all year round.

Please get in touch if you would like a modern looking garden like this one!

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